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I personally have taken everything, including small game, varmints and big game.

While the hunting of game birds is probably the most thought-of use for a shotgun when hunting, there are numerous other hunting uses.

Another viable attribute is the durability of a good shotgun.

It is generally very weather and harsh condition resistant — a good quality for any survival gun.

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We urge motorists to familiarise themselves with tricky road junctions so that they are better prepared when they have to use one.'' Britain's ''scariest'' junctions: 1. Britannia Rescue general manager Simon Stevens said: ''All drivers have to deal with particularly hairy intersections from time to time. "But what this research shows is that badly designed and confusing junctions are spoiling the driving experience for many motorists. Slugs are completely capable of taking larger game to include bear and elk.Distance is the only limitation for the shotgun and slugs, but the 100-yard mark is certainly within its capabilities. Magic Roundabout, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire 10.


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