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The truth is that unlike Billie, who has apparently walked away from her youthful marriage to Chris Evans emotionally unscathed, the men in Anneke's life have always been her downfall.As she puts it: 'My heart has been broken several times.'If I could meet Billie now,' she says, 'I'd tell her to take the money and run.Life never quite turns out as you expect it.' Anyone seeing the reclusive, bespectacled silver blonde woman pottering around her local Devonshire village would find it hard to believe that in her day, Anneke was at the zenith of 1960s celebrity London.Despite the four decades that separate them, Anneke Wills and Billie Piper would have rather a lot to talk about if they ever met.For starters, they are both former child stars who have played Doctor Who's female sidekick.

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It seemed to her that life couldn't have been more perfect. 'I took lessons on how to do the perfect scream without damaging my voice. Little did she know that her professional acting career was rapidly drawing to a close.

They both won over fans of the sci-fiseries with their blonde hair and thick dark lashes.

And after closing the Tardis door for the last time, both turned their noses up at Hollywood.

But while 23-year-old Billie bowed out with a new £250,000 BBC role and a six-figure deal to write her autobiography, life wasn't quite so kind to Anneke.

Had anyone ever asked the Sixties star to pen her life story, they would have unveiled an astonishing tale of love and loss a thousand times more remarkable than that of former teen pop star Billie.


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