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Both 'indoor' and 'outdoor' museum have several restaurants located in National Heritage sites, like the Hindeloopen pub, the Amsterdam house and the Pepper House on the Wierdijk.The indoor Zuiderzeemuseum Binnenmuseum is open the year round, while the outdoor 'Buitenmuseum' is open every day from Easter to late October, from 10 a.m. The official parking is located at the entrance of the road to Lelystad (along the dike).The fishing grounds were now fresh-water and the fish changed from fish like herring and anchovy to eel, smelt and red perch.

Internationaal onderzoek laat zien dat klimaatblogs over ijsberen en zee-ijs in twee aparte groepen uiteenvallen.

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Most notably is the 'Schepenhal' (ship's hall), which allows visitors a close-up view of some of the more common historical types of boats from the Zuiderzee's rich fishing industry as well as some recreational sailing ships.

Among these beautiful boats is the Sperwer (sparrowhawk), a 'boeier' once owned by the English adventurer Merlin Minshall, who sailed this boat from England over the Danube to the Black Sea in the 1930s for his honeymoon, and a second time for the English secret service.


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    Catalogue of the exhibition of sculptures, installations and sketches, Sasol Art Gallery, Stellenbosch, 2010.