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Having a dedicated craving for crop-tops, I was pleased that I had the body to keep up to date with the current fashions.All through my early teens I was such a lame-o, wearing embarrassing slogan teeshirts and baggy jeans – hiding my body away in my school’s sports uniforms. I had lost my virginity at the start of the summer to a boy I thought I was in love with.I never did sport or anything, but walking to and from school every day kept me nice and trim.

They both liked to talk about motorbikes and racecars, all that boring stuff that didn’t (and still doesn’t) appeal to me.

A/N: I wrote this for women like me who are gettin’ kinda sick of all the cliche man stories on here featuring the older man/younger woman thing.

It has a bit of a long start to it, but it’s a nice kind of build up, and hopefully it flows well and gets you off nice and easy.

I honestly felt sorry for my mother – she could never keep up.

My body was continually turning into that of a woman’s, and it was getting very obvious to the boys at school.


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