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The name was chosen by the daughter of the perfumer.

Since she had been involved into music she chose name “Arpege”, i.e. The original 1927 formula incredibly corresponded to its musical term - the notes of perfume play their theme alternately.

It has a magnetic charm that draws people to it or me when I wear it.

I was surprised and Thought wow so this is the magic of this scent.

The base consists of: sandal, vetiver, patchoulis, vanilla and musk. The beautiful figures on the black misted background representing mother and daughter (wife and daughter of the perfumer), who are getting ready for the ball.

In October 2009 the house of Lanvin presents Arpege 120, their popular fragrance created back in 1927, reformed in 1993.

Review about black oval bottle with gold cap (version 2007): - reminds First by Van Cliff (I have both, not dupes but in the same family) - classic - it is old and inexpensive but I am not shy to wear it (It was not my granny signature scent) - good staying power, do not overspray - more wearable then Chanel 5, more smooth LOVE IT. I will storage my last drops of old perfume for my wedding. I have never tested Chanel No.5 edp until recently, and found it far from what I imagined it to be.

Quality perfume for a song (less then for 1.7 EDP on Ebay/ October 2017) I bought bottle of perfume before 2016, and it was absolutely wonderful. As the iconic floral aldehydic perfume, the current version of NO.

Arpege was created by Paul Vacher and Andre Fraysse.

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This famous perfume was made by Andre Fraysse for Lavine home in 1927.

In 1993, the perfume was reconstructed and that was a successful work.

The composition was mostly well preserved, but still that was second great perfume.


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