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In 1951, the family moved to the Klind Ranch, south of Hinsdale, ultimately doing the farming of all Waino’s cropland – until he injured his back while carrying a sack of grain pellets to feed cattle during the winter of 1959.

From February – June he spent either in the VA Hospital in Miles City or at home in bed.

The Park Grove Bar echoed with his huge laugh during the time he and Mom operated it.

His friends Lud Grose, Mickey Trotter, and others kept everyone on their toes with their practical jokes and stories of the day.

From 1943 to 1945 he served in the “Unknown War” in the Aleutian Islands.

He returned in March of 1945 from overseas and ended the war driving for the Russian delegation as a chauffeur in the UN Conference in San Francisco.

On July 25, 1942, he married Erma Bjontegarrd at the United Methodist Church in Glasgow, Montana.

WWII dawned and he was called to service in the US Army Air Corps.

However, Walker is not a fan of President Obama, just like Coulter.He grew up with a love of the outdoors, and working with cattle and horses.While not as enthusiastic about farming, he learned to love the changing seasons and the joy of a good crop in the bin.Donna was born on January 10, 1933 in Glasgow to Alfred & Cora (Wager) Beaudry.She and her three siblings were raised in the Wheeler area- where Alfred was working on the Fort Peck Dam Project. Walker placed his arm around Coulter that night nearly 10 years ago, on April 14, 2007.


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