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The plant is believed to have first emerged in grassland plains (steppes) in these regions in Central Asia, flourishing on nutrient-rich dump sites for prehistoric hunter and gatherers.Burned cannabis seeds have been found in Kurgan burial sites dating back to 3000BC in Siberia and mummified psychoactive marijuana has been found in the tombs of noblemen dating back to 2500BC in Xinjiang province in China.This temporary measure was then expanded to the entire population in the Dangerous Drugs Act of 1920. Fast-forward to the present day, and there are loads of myths about why today is called 420 day and why it is celebrated on April 20.But the real reason (we think) dates back to 1971 when a bunch of college kids over in California would arrange to smoke a joint at 4.20pm after after-school sports activities.Thousands of people across the world celebrated spliffs on 420 day (April 20) by, well, smoking some big fat joints.

You are able to make real connections, communicating with all the other members for hookups, dating, friendship and more.Meanwhile cannabis spread across to Africa from the Middle East around 700AD and finally over to South America and the Caribbean around 1800AD.Cannabis reached North America from Mexico around 1910AD during the Mexican Revolution and New York around 1920AD, Warf believes.That’s also when the drug spread across to the Middle East, Europe, the Ukraine and Southeast Russia as well, believed to have done so through a nomadic Indo-European group called the Scythians who occupied the region at the time, Warf says.Tribes in Germany are thought to have then brought the drug to Germany, and the Anglo Saxons brought it from there to Britain around 1200AD.Marijuana was first banned in 1915 in Utah and became illegal in 28 other states by 1941. Warf said: ‘Many early prejudices against marijuana were thinly veiled racist fears of its smokers, often promulgated by reactionary newspapers.


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