Dns not updating records from dhcp

Both forward and reverse maps are assumed to be running on the same server (ns1.- IP for the sake of simplicity - there is no requirement that this be the case.

dns not updating records from dhcp-55dns not updating records from dhcp-33dns not updating records from dhcp-57

Transactions 3 and 4: show the DHCP server updating the forward map and reverse map DNS.The DHCP client can signal its intention to perform a DDNS update (to either or both the forward and reverse files) to the DHCP server by using the FQDN option in the DHCPDISCOVER/DHCPREQUEST message (RFC 4702).These transaction types are not discussed further other than where they are relevant to DHCP configuration statements.These tranasctions are illustrated in the examples that follow.The DDNS transactions may be secured using either IP based security or TSIG (a symmetric-like MAC) based security.Note: The configurations assume use of ISC's DHCP verion 4.x unless otherwise noted.


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