Great birthday gifts for someone you just started dating

Your presence on my Birthday Party has certainly made my day to be special.

The quality time that you spent with me is fantastic. I would have never known what a special birthday is without your presence.

if it is your birthday today, then be prepared because a lot of birthday wishes are all set to shower on you.

It is definitely not possible for you to reply everyone and say a thank you, but if there is someone special, then it is definitely the best thing that you can do.

With you, I do not feel to pretend because I really like your company.

This is me saying you a Thank You and also greeting you in advanced Happy Birthday to use as well. The gift that you showered on me was certainly awesome.

Thanks for coming and creating this wonderful surprise for me.

Your presence has certainly made my day and it is so special that I can never forget ever.

You have always guided me for a perfect start to my life when I was depressed. Without you, everything in the world is so impossible.

Thank you so much for being there beside me throughout my struggle days.


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