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This will encourage others to leave their own reviews because they’ll know there’s a chance they might be mentioned on your show as well. Simply click the number of stars and the results show up immediately.

Work at Home Moms Talk Radio has been in i Tunes since 2005. To Review: Directly underneath that is ‘customer reviews’ where you can write a review up to 6,000 CHARACTERS in length (although i Tunes recommends 200 WORDS).

Your traffic and exposure to your podcast from i Tunes appears to be directly related to the number of comments/reviews you have. Ask your listeners to go to i Tunes and leave a review. Let people know that you have the podcast…but make sure you have a separate feed for your podcast as opposed to all your content. Burn you podcast feed in Feedburner and pay a VA to submit your feed to any and all podcast directories. Make them a part of the journey to hit a specific target by a specific time. Link directly to your page in i Tunes Any page in i Tunes can be linked to directly.

Basically, I’ve created my own brilliant mastermind group that I can email when I have questions. Plus, I’m hoping they’ll be guests on my podcast soon, so I HAVE to get some reviews on i Tunes first (to impress them) and I wanted to know how best to do that. Having a value proposition in your tagline helps too. So also make sure your keywords appear in the description. Speaking of keywords, make sure you have your keywords in your RSS feed in the channel info. Show them exactly where to go, what to click and what kind of review to leave.

The cool thing is that I then post their responses here so you can also read them. I figured I’ll do whatever they say, get lots of reviews, and then start pestering them to come on my podcast. Please give them a warm welcome by commenting below! Good mic, pop filter, great content, right volume level, etc. People will not subscribe to a podcast with crummy graphics. Because I have experience with creating i Phone apps, I know exactly how important reviews and ratings are for rankings in i Tunes.

One of the things that I find interesting about the i Tunes marketplace is that so much less is known about how the rankings are ACTUALLY done compared to Google. Spend a few extra minutes on your podcast production and people will pass it along to their friends. Not only that, great rankings and reviews will encourage people who happen upon your page in i Tunes to listen and subscribe as well.

Link back to your podcast in your youtube description.

Are there any other great podcasting-related plugins I should be considering? Any questions Ive had have been oanswered on their forums. So as a user who has relied on both for at least a year each, my vote is powerpress. BUt I just ftp the file into my pocast directory I made, and link it when I make a post.

My opinion may not be totally fair, as I haven't tried both lately. THe problem was that every time WP did a major upgrade, podpress would quit working. I don't wanna knock podpress, I appreciate anyone making free plugins.

I then discovered this forum topic that showed how wordpress called the ‘save_post’ hook in the new revisioning system.

The solution I came up with allows you to keep the revisioning system turned on, but still allow podpress to work. 2) Rename to podpress_admin_and copy it to your /wp-content/plugins/podpress directory, replacing the existing file.


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