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The life expectancy of your refrigerator is affected by how well it is cared for and its construction.

Chart 2.1 Victims of police-reported violent crime, by sex and age group of victim, Canada, 2011 Description for chart 2.1 Note: Includes the population aged 15 years and over.

This rate drops down to 10.3 homicides per million women aged 25 to 34, and 7.5 homicides per million women aged 35 to 44.

Regardless of age, spousal homicide rates were consistently higher for women than men.

While violence against women can cross all socio-demographic boundaries, data suggest that some groups of women and girls are more at risk.

Previous research has suggested that particular socio-demographic and community factors are associated with a higher risk of self-reported violent victimization (Perreault and Brennan 2010).


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