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The organizers will draw tickets between all the applications received before December 15th. v=Sh TYKwp F_iw&list=PL9Yrzhif UDOIjn Mmu9q_j Fu79o Gvf DCn V&index=1 The GSIC has begun to work on the launch of the new Committee for Innovation and Professional Sport, a forum specifically designed to be a meeting point and stable reflection among top level athletes, experts and young companies with innovative products and services in which professional athletes can contribute their knowledge and experience to guide the development of new tools that help you improve performance in the professional sport.

At the first contact meeting, organized with the support of the associated company Trivium IC, the athletes who participated were Nacho Fernández (Real Madrid), Lourdes Mohedano (gymnastics), Carlos Soler (Valencia CF), Patricia García (Spanish rugby team) and former athletes Ana Rossell (soccer), Eli Pinedo (handball), Carlota Castrejana (athletics), José Lasa (basketball) and Francisco Rufete (soccer).

Their proposal not was acknowledged by the jury of top experts from Pivot Sport, Seed&Click, Sport Investment Partner, Wayra Madrid, GSIC, La Liga, Mediapro, Madrid Business Angels Network, Sociosinversores and 3vs Sports Partner and the WFS. As the winner of the WFStart Cup Challenge, Thermohuman will benefit of one year of free membership to the GSIC and support in activities related to crowdfunding, networking and visibility.

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Virtual meeting for GSIC partners on the topic ' Athlete & Team Performance' next Wednesday December 20th, (GMT 1) and it will be run through Skype.- Sci Sports: of the ' Sports Innovation (SPIN) Final' competition alongside the UEFA Champions League Final are headquartered in the Netherlands.Sci Sports automatically measures quality, potential and value of over 350,000 football players around the world with their Sci Skill Index.- Thermo Human: of the ' World Football Summit Startcup' are a world pioneer company in the application of the infrared thermography in humans, with the objective to detect thermal asymmetries that help to prevent injury and optimize performance.​ This is a members-only event. Microsoft Ventures, the VC of Microsoft, has launched the international contest ' Innovate.AI: Global Startup Competition', aimed at startups working in artificial intelligence which are located in three regions: North America, Europe and Israel.The meeting was a first contact made primarily to make a first identification of needs and areas of interest.


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