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While Tinder has a wide variety of people who want to fuck you, and seemingly never runs out of profiles, Bumble delivers fewer, yet way more drool-worthy pics.We started to plan our wedding to the Zak Efron lookalike that we matched with a couple swipes back, but realized that we should probably make a move and say hello first.But, it would be unfair to only focus on men when there are many women who could use the same reality check, too.So here’s my follow up for all you ladies who need that advice you won’t get anywhere else.They seem to think this app is the gateway into their next serious relationship.If it really turns out to be so, congrats and more power to ya, but …

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So, someone is "single AF."Used in a sentence: "I haven't gotten laid in months.

The slow fade is when you begin to respond/interact less and less until you stop talking altogether.

Used in a sentence: "He responds to some of my texts, but I feel like he's giving me the slow fade." Definition: There are several types of fuckboys.

I ship those two." Definition: An acronym for "Facebook official." This is when you change your relationship status on Facebook to "in a relationship" with the person you are seeing.

Used in a sentence: It's getting pretty serious, we might make it FBO soon.


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