Who is nicole snooki polizzi dating

Meanwhile, Ronnie gets into a brawl of his own, leaving Sammi questioning their relationship.Ronnie is released from his night in the slammer and the guys comfort Snooki after she has a bad encounter with her ex-boyfriend.For Season 2, the After Hours specials were expanded to one hour and received Top 15 Weekly Cable ratings.Like season 1, this season featured special episodes titled Jersey Shore: Hook-Up.The housemates wrap things up at the Shore as summer draws to a close, but not before one final house hot tub hook up.A half-hour special titled Jersey Shore: Spoof'd aired on January 16, 2010, featuring the original cast audition tapes and cast commentary highlighting internet and television spoofs that have sprung up as a direct response to the show.

Also a number of after-show internet specials titled "Jersey Shore: Hook-Up" hosted by Kenny Santucci have been released on after select episodes.Meanwhile, Snooki comes on way too strong, and finds herself the outcast.She can only hope that first impressisons won't be lasting impressions.Still feeling like the outcast, Snooki tells the others that she's leaving the Shore.And the roommates' first night out at the club gets flirty, proving that the boyfriends back home might, in fact, have something to worry about.Also, there have been a number of internet specials exclusively on


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