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Synopsis: While studying at an intolerant boarding school, two unlikely friends grow closer and closer, despite the overwhelming animosity of their peers and the school's faculty.

Why 'Handsome Devil' is one of the best gay movies on Netflix: Handsome Devil is arguably formulaic in some ways, drawing upon many typical conventions from the coming of age genre.

However, you don't need to always venture outside in order to enjoy the very best that queer cinema has to offer, not when there are plenty of gay movies on #Netflix that you can chill to as often as you like.

Whatever your orientation may be, these tales of love, sex and the everyday experience of gay life all deserve your undivided attention. so whether you're alone or with a special 'friend', rev up everyone's favorite streaming service and get ready to chill with the best gay movies on Netflix.

Why 'Burlesque' is one of the best gay movies on Netflix: Although the film's central characters aren't gay, the campy fun of Burlesque certainly holds appeal in a so-bad-it's-good kind of way.

In between the catchy numbers sung by industry legends Cher and Christina Aguilera, Stanley Tucci also delivers a scene-stealing performance as the gay best friend Sean.

Why 'Head On' is one of the best gay movies on Netflix: Generational conflict and an unflinching look at sex helps Head On stand apart as one of the most memorable films on this list, shocking and charming in equal measure.

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Why 'King Cobra' is one of the best gay movies on Netflix: Based on a true story, King Cobra takes us behind the scenes of Brent Corrigan's sexiest gay porn shoots in an exploitation film that will remain seared on your retinas long after the credits have rolled (and everyone begins to mop up).

Being 17 perfectly captures the confusion of teenage adolescence, blurring the lines between love and hate shared by the two leads.

Synopsis: A high school romance between Australian students Tim and John stands the test of time longer than anyone could have predicted, overcoming prejudice and sickness to span decades.

Fortunately, the story is also grounded by a captivating yet fragile performance from Pierre Niney in the title role.

Synopsis: Queer youth activist Michael Glatze shocked the world after claiming that he was no longer gay, abandoning his homosexual lifestyle and boyfriend too in order to become a straight Christian pastor.


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