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They are the largest private funder of hearing research and have awarded millions of dollars since their organization in 1958.

They maintain a hearing health blog and write a free magazine, Hearing Health Magazine, which keeps donors informed of the latest hearing health discoveries and provides a directory of annual summer camps for children and adults with hearing loss.

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Under the Raising tab, you’ll find resources focusing on deaf and hard of hearing children — from what to do when the diagnosis is new to how to enhance language development and advocate for your child with hearing loss.During the month of September, Healthy Hearing will be featuring different bloggers in the hearing loss community.From those across the ocean to parents of children with hearing loss, we'll take a closer look at some of the top blogs and resources available to you!Holly Hosford-Dunn explores hearing healthcare markets in her blog, Hearing Economics.Gael Hannan blogs about living with hearing loss in The Better Hearing Consumer. Martin, both hearing healthcare providers, explore the relationship between provider and patient interactions along with pathologies in their blog, Hearing Health.The Pathways tab focuses on Neuroaudiology and Central Auditory Processing Disorders.


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