German sex sign up validating data transmissions

If a gender entry is needed at all, it should be voluntary and based on self-determination of the person.” Facts of the Case: The complainant applied to the competent registry office for the correction of their birth record to the extent that the previous gender “female” should be deleted and the indication “inter / divers”, in the alternative only “divers” should be registered.

The advocacy group Third Option (Dritte Option) has been supporting the case throughout the last five years.

The Court clarified that the German constitution protects persons who do not identify as male or female or whose sex is not male or female.

Current provisions of the German civil status law (PSt G) violate this right by not offering a third option besides male or female gender entries.

These individuals are particularly vulnerable to violence, discrimination and inequalities in a system that only knows ‘male’ or ‘female’.” The legislator should act swiftly now and overhaul an archaic system of registering something as personal and intimate as gender/sex.

We welcome the Court’s suggested option to waive the mandatory gender entry completely.

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It does neither require that sex is a normative part of the civil status, nor does it preclude the recognition of another gender identity beyond male or female.

By simply opening the possibility of another entry nobody is forced to associate with this wider gender.


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