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I had seen is penis start to protrude many times before, but tonight it was poking out several inches.I felt somewhat sorry for him because I knew he was probably like this because of me.Barclay loved attention and other times laid his head in my lap as I petted him for hours.I babysit the Reese’s children and put up with Barclay’s antics for several years.I of course, went to get some paper towels to clean up the hardwood floor and my hands. I think because I was so fascinated I had not noticed how horny my pussy felt. I could feel that my swollen pussy lips and see them pushing at my panties. I knew these to be my pussy muscles pushing my juices out from inside me.That evening I thought about learning to give a blowjob.Then one night when I was almost seventeen I found myself a bit horny just prior to my period. The kissing and stuff I had done with my boyfriends had only gotten me a bit excited. I had learned from reading, and a girlfriend, about masturbating and had come to quite enjoy it. Call me a late bloomer, but my breasts had started growing a year or so prior to this. So, I was horny and even though the kids I was babysitting are in bed I went to the bathroom to masturbate.I loved to rub myself through my favorite panties until I orgasmed at least once. My juices were thicker than what my girlfriends described theirs.

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He kept putting his paws up on me and licking my face.

I had heard others describe how, but had never wanted to before.

And I do have to admit, I did think about what it might be like to have Barclay teach me what it would feel like to have a penis inside me.

I told you once that unlike many other women, I love it when my panties are wet.

This had given me another avenue to further this enjoyment.


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