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‘Budget information is not releasable due to the terms of confidentiality provided in the federal acquisition regulations,’ Ellen Crown, the Army Medical Research and Materiel Command’s deputy of public affairs, wrote in an email.Severna Park Health and Wellness Center, the Scientologist-led group that provides the therapy, charges ,000 per participant, a substantial discount from the ,000 price tag for regular folks that was quoted by Grant, the project coordinator…You’re part of an elite group saving the planet.’ …Remini is producing the new TV series, which comes a year after she penned an autobiography titled “Authorities in Russia say a woman stole money given to her for dream homes and donated it to the Church of Scientology. A Moscow court banned the church in November over its American trademark of its name. The bartender recognized Barkanov as the Russian who lived next door to him in Chicago, and gave the police his apartment address. “We concluded that the claim had not been substantiated and was likely to mislead viewers,” the ASA said.Ekaterina Zaborskikh allegedly stole 130 million rubles ( million) between 20 by selling Russians apartments that were never built by her construction company, an indictment in St. In January 2015, authorities raided the Moscow church to analyze financial documents. ‘The representatives of the Church of Scientology themselves have created many legal conflicts by restricting the religious freedom through the use of trademarks,’ Russia’s Ministry of Justice said, according to RT [TV network]. Barkanov was charged with 12 felony counts of making criminal threats and one count of stalking, according to the complaint filed by the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office; he was extradited and is being held in an LA County jail in lieu of 0,000 bail. The state Supreme Court is under no obligation to take up the interlocutory appeal for consideration; the nine justices will vote on whether to grant or deny the petition for review . “We told the Church of Scientology International to ensure they held adequate evidence for any claims that viewers were likely to regard as objective and capable of substantiation.” (The Guardian, 03/02/16) [IT 7.2 2016] Prosecutors accused Scientology’s Belgian branch and European headquarters, and also a number of church members, of forming a criminal organization involving alleged fraud, unlawful medical practice, extortion, and invasion of privacy.The dosages of niacin and other vitamins are determined by a non-medically trained administrator—in this case, a man named Joe, whom Carpenter describes as a ‘die-hard Scientologist.’ Joe decides, based on the participant’s feedback, just how much of each vitamin and mineral is needed to produce a physical reaction that indicates the treatment is working.” (The Daily Beast, 8/12/15) [IT 7.1 2016] In Clearwater, Florida a movie theater has decided not to show Alex Gibney’s film, Going Clear, after being pressured by the Church of Scientology.

In this promotional video produced by the church, Sydney school principal Fiona talks about what Scientology means for her and her students. The church has strenuously maintained the school and the church are separate organizations. Silvertail is due to publish an account by Miscavige’s father Ron on 3rd May titled Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige, and Me in the UK and Ireland. She was fired on December 18, 2015, for poor performance reviews.“Scientologists demanded ‘fair and equal treatment’ from the A&E cable channel this week after company executives canceled plans to broadcast a controversial documentary series devoted to the Ku Klux Klan while continuing to air a program critical of their church. Remini and others who appear in Aftermath have either received monetary compensation or ‘in-kind payments in the form of free advertising and promotion for anti-Scientology books they have published,’ Church attorney Gary Soter said in Tuesday’s letter. Petersburg locations earlier this week, The Moscow Times reports. Petersburg on allegations of ‘illegal business activity.’ And in Moscow, eyewitnesses said that police officers were not letting people in or out of the Scientology church. benefiting from up to ,000 in funding [per student] per year. Lee is suing her former Pasadena, California-based employer, Lusida Rubber Products Inc., and two company executives, Wayne Chin and William Johonnesson.The channel’s decision to pull the plug on its planned KKK series in light of recent complaints is hypocritical, an attorney for the Church said in a letter sent Tuesday to A&E, particularly given its reluctance to take similar action against the program Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath. ‘This quid pro quo aimed at gaining access to these individuals is similar in effect—although more substantial—to the ‘nominal’ payments made to the Ku Klux Klan members which [sic] caused A&E to pull that series,’ Mr. ‘A&E has applied its policies and practices in an invidious and discriminatory manner. ‘It is a disease of our society when government agencies charged with protecting the people and enforcing the law, use the name of the law to persecute the practice of religion,’ the Church said in a statement on Wednesday, saying the authorities had violated the concept of religious freedom enshrined in Russian law. students are funded through a combination of public funding, fees, and tax-free donations, . Annie worked with the company from June through December 2015 as a customer-service representative.Judge James O’Donohoe in the Circuit Civil Court said that allegations by Zabrina Collins against Peter Griffiths of criminal activity, hate-mongering and links to gay pornographic movies of teenage boys ‘were largely untrue and grossly defamatory.’ . Judge O’Donohoe also gave judgment in a second, related case in which Ms. The Church of Scientology was officially recognized as a tax-exempt religion by the IRS in 1993. And it’s all going to happen right here from Scientology Media Productions.’ Originally built in 1912 and situated on a five-acre complex near the intersection of Sunset and Hollywood boulevards, the motion picture and television studio has been restored for Scientology to create and deliver content across print, broadcast and online media.” (News.com, 05/30/16) [IT 7.3 2016] “The Russian branch of the Church of Scientology has denounced the raids carried out by the Russian police in its Moscow and St. At the same time, the Yarralinda school outside Melbourne receives up to ,000 in public funding for each [student,] . Courts have ruled in the past that the group is engaged in activities that are subversive to freedom and democracy and should be subject to closer surveillance.” (The Local, 7/13/16) 7.3 2016] Annie R.Cobb Countryside 12 Theater didn’t release the film either because, according to sources, it had allegedly received threats from the church.


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