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It is very important that before you start this payment process you verify your bank account has enough funds to cover the transaction.If you submit a payment without having enough funds in your bank account to cover the transaction, the result will most likely be a Non-Sufficient Funds transaction.If your case is reopened, your Online Payment account will be unlocked.If the account remains locked even after your case has been reopened, please contact us so we can unlock the account.If this occurs, your bank account will be overdrawn and you may suffer consequences from your bank.

The routing number is always a 9 digit number and to the left of your account number.When you register for e Pay, you have the option of sending a payment of any amount at any time (as long as the full payment is received prior to the due date), or switching back and forth between e Pay and Cashier's Checks or Money Orders at your convenience.If you are currently on the automatic debit program and would like to begin using e Pay, you MUST submit an automatic debit temination form (which can be found on our website). What happens if my payment is returned as Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF)? However, once you have registered for the Online Payment System, you have the option each month of using the Online Payment System or sending Cashier's Checks or Money Orders - whichever payment method is most convenient for you. Do I need to input my Checking/Savings account information each time I make a payment? What is the difference between e Pay and the automatic debit program? Your Online Payment ID is an 11 digit number consisting of your case number and the last 4 digits of your social security number. Example: Case# -bk-77777 CPM and Social Security# 1 The Online Payment ID is: 11777776789 Do I have to use the Online Payment System every month? You can continue to send us a Cashier's Check or Money Order to the lockbox.Please use caution when scheduling your payment in advance so that it is not returned as NSF (refer to question #8 for details about NSF payments) How soon will the payment be taken from my account and be posted to my bankruptcy case? Please visit approximately 3 business days if you would like to verify that the payment has been posted to your case. the business day prior to the number, then on Cancel Payment in the box that comes up.


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