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The UI is easy to navigate and it knows what the consumer is going to be doing on their app: talking to friends.

It’s overall the best you can get it messenger apps.

[caption id="attachment_1265" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] Viber - Call Your Friends[/caption] Viber interface is extremely simple like most messaging apps out on the market.

It have a very minimalist design that was popularized by Apple.

You can only use Viber on your phone ,however, which I will get more into that in the pros and cons.

There is also a group chat feature that can be confusing at times ,and can give you a large amount of notifications if everyone is very active.

The smoothest and most useful feature of Viber is their calling software.

While in mid call, you will be able to transfer your call seemliness with little hic-ups.

Texting is simple and after you are done with your sentence a quick send will make your message readable to whom you are texting.

Instead of Emojis you have “Stickers” that act as a placeholder for it.


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