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You can hear it played at the top of the post by Slovenian musician Ljuben Dimkaroski.The prehistoric instrument does indeed produce the whole and half tones of the diatonic scale, so completely, in fact, that Dimkaroski is able to play fragments of several compositions by Beethoven, Verdi, Ravel, Dvořák, and others, as well as some free improvisations “mocking animal voices.” The video’s Youtube page explains his choice of music as “a potpourri of fragments from compositions of various authors,” selected “to show the capabilities of the instrument, tonal range, staccato, legato, glissando….” (Dimkaroski claims to have figured out how to play the instrument in a dream.) Although archeologists have hotly disputed whether or not the flute is actually the work of Neanderthals, as Turk suggested, should it be so, the finding would contradict claims that the close human relatives “left no firm evidence of having been musical.” But whatever its origin, it seems certainly to be a hominid artifact—not the work of predators—and a key to unlocking the prehistory of musical expression.Back in July of last year, we brought you a transcription and a couple of audio interpretations of the oldest known song in the world, discovered in the ancient Syrian city of Ugarit and dating back to the 14th century B. 6” sounds otherworldly to our ears, although modern-day musicologists can only guess at the song’s tempo and rhythm. Likely performed on an instrument resembling an ancient lyre, the so-called “Hurrian Cult Song” or “Hurrian Hymn No.They just wear a discreet suit or an ever-flattering little black dress and they’re ready to go.They don’t care about how they look when they have to execute a vibrato or a pizzicato to perfection.

This page contains details of all forthcoming performances worldwide, together with reviews where they exist from previous concerts.

This means that, when they commit to something, they stick to the same high standards they have when they perform.

Ultimately, they are utterly devoted to their art and to paying homage to composers that they have been revering for years.

It was in 1969 that I started full time as a session musician and it was in that year that one of them was Space Oddity, so that, as far as I am concerned, is the year when it all began.

The contemporary dating scene might, at times, resemble TS Eliot’s wasteland or, worse, a post-apocalyptic landscape punctuated by primeval beings who shy away from light. have been designed to help our poor unfortunate souls navigate this waters full of piranhas and snares, but to little, or no, avail.


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