We are dating now ep 10

After the episode finishes airing, we will go back through to correct typos and readability. Ae-ra is helping and Dong-man said he can help, but Appa just gives him the once over. He pretends like it is an accident, but he looks evil. MOTEL Bad manager shows up and is talking to the young fighter. The other woman was older and they dated for years, but their friend is marrying this younger woman after only 4 months. Joo-man – Why should our happiness be small for us? Joo-man – We can’t be the same all the time, we are growing up. Ae-ra – Will you really do nothing if we are on an island together? Ae-ra is sleeping and cuddling and Dong-man is looking at her. Sul-hee’s parents are talking about an old family friend who got married. Outside Joo-man is talking to Appa and Appa is cutting some food to sell. If you don’t treat her well, then I will just kill you. ) BEACH PERFORMANCE Dong-man is in his Taekwondo uniform an Ae-ra is there with Appa. You did it, ah, this fool, hey, get it together…That guy is the same as always. Ae-ra starts cuddling with Dong-man and Dong-man is all frozen, he can’t move. MOTEL Coach-nim and Appa are trying to find out where Ae-ra is. Coach-nim – Didn’t you sleep with Dong-man yesterday? It hits Appa that Dong-man and Ae-ra might be sleeping together. They are eating steak and Sul-hee is wondering why they are eating steak. Hye-ran – I think I am really bad (yes), I really hate you being happy. Appa is not in the hotel, he is calling from the beach. Owner Ajumma has all these photos of Ae-ra and Dong-man. If they were on an island together then he would just see her as a monkey, he would never touch her at all. (he picks the hanger back up and points it at Dong-man) COACH AND OWNER AT A RESTAURANT Coach-nim – Why did you come here Owner Ajumma – Sleeping together is banned Coach-nim – Why are you using jondemal to me? He runs after them, but before leaving he sees that Hye-ran is on the mic.

we are dating now ep 10-85

She is asking the motel owner all these questions and wants the regional phone number to call the crime reporting hotline. The Owner Ajumma doesn’t know that she doesn’t have to press the local number to dial the crime reporting hotline. Appa is knocking on the door and Dong-man opens it. Appa sees Dong-man and Ae-ra in the room and Dong-man still has his shirt off. He takes off his shirt and has a tattoo with Ae-ra’s birthday on his shoulder. (speaking informally) Owner Ajumma – I am noona (older). Appa is in front of his car, he is saying his goodbyes to Ae-ra. I came to give you this as well (he gives her some food). But she doesn’t, she backs off and just looks at him again and shakes her head. He is happily looking at Ae-ra, but he is holding the camera phone wrong, lol. Joo-man and Sul-hee are walking outside and eating ice-cream. It looks like Joo-man’s friend is getting married, but he dated another woman before. But Joo-man looks like he wants to say something and is stressed about something. He puts his hand on her shoulder and kind of pats her shoulder, he falls asleep like that. They are both sleeping and Dong-man rolls over to the other side, he takes off his shirt and throws it somewhere. Sul-hee is wondering why Umma is talking about that other person. Umma gave Sul-hee a big block of gold or something like that. Appa is ignoring Dong-man and is just taking photos of Ae-ra. Appa just looked Dong-man up and down and then scooted over. Sul-hee says they finally came out with it and will marry soon as well, as soon as Joo-man gets promoted. Joo-man leads a toast (to change the subject) and everyone congratulates the friends about the wedding and the promotion. He is looking a little annoyed because he isn’t promoted like his friend. Sul-hee just wants to stay with him happily, small things and small joys are okay. TITLE OF EPISODE: SOME OR NOT, IT DOESN’T MATTER AT THE PERFORMANCE Appa is taking photos of Ae-ra and smiling. Ae-ra is crying and uses Dong-man’s sleeve to wipe her face. Joo-man and the Intern are talking outside on a bench (the one the intern passed out on the last episode). How did you know I went to her wedding, how did you know I was at this festival? Ae-ra – (She is looking at his navigation and all that, he goes everywhere she’s at) because of you I really don’t like ponngmool-pae (mentioned in episode 1 during street fighter scene) (They go back and forth about him not being the same person and she says he will always be that person). Ae-ra is happy/sad and Dong-man is holding all the food that Appa brought for Ae-ra. JOO-MAN AND THE INTERN Sul-hee is looking at the intern’s Instagram. Live recap of Episode 10 for the Korean Drama Fight for my way. A Full recap will come later with all the Easter eggs, shooting locations, music, pop-culture, and other little nuances. He looks at her, wait a minute, she still has her clothes on!! Dong-man – Are you surprised, it’s been a long time since you’ve seen him.


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