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A fast vehicle will be required, as you must jump far enough to land on the road below. This jump can be done in most decent sedans and sports cars. On the old Procopio Promenade there is a broken bridge.Jump it in most any vehicle and land on the other side to complete the jump.Drive straight down this path and off a ramp, landing on the street below gta complete the jump.Gaining too much speed will result in probable death, so start where the cones are on the street and accelerate until the ramp.Slam on the online and fly off it onto La Puerta Freeway below. Go under an overpass and when you see some red markers on the left side, turn towards them.There will be a grassy hill about feet ahead of you.Drive either a bike much easier or any other vehicle over this to the street below to complete the jump.

And dating works all phones and stunt Below is a list of the online Stunt Jumps found in the game.

Accelerate off of the hill behind the construction pylons on your right and land on the rocks to the right of the lighthouse.

A fast car is recommended to clear the ocean, however it can be accomplished with most vehicles using the hill to the left of the bridge for online speed.

Dating the hill to the south of the prison there is a cliff facing the fence of the prison.

Drive at it and go off it towards the guard tower and land behind the online dating scams clothing to complete the jump. At the west entrance of Pillbox Hill Medical Center, look to the right for a staircase with a construction pylon blocking a broken rail.


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