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For future service compatible (CSC) 3DTV, signal that a 3D version of a 2D service or event is being simulcast, and vice versa will be needed.

Multiview video coding is a compression standard appended from H.264/MPEG-4 AVC which allows send stereoscopic 3D video without resolution loss due to spatial multiplex, and reducing overhead of sending 2 HD images up to 50% and in a single video stream.

Nowadays 3D television technology is already in its first steps regarding its standardization, now the major 3D market is in theaters and Blu-ray Disc players with stereoscopic systems, but in the near future it will be extended to diffusion, and later Free viewpoint television will come into our homes, which means the need of new coding and transmission standards.

Regarding how a signal once it's decoded is sent to the display, current stereoscopic systems use a frame-sequential 3D signal.

My daughter was beside herself about seeing who won. It is only a problem when selecting Guide on any Nein network channels in Melbourne on my 55HX750 & 32HX750 but not on my 32HX755 which has the European version firmware.

But the Panasonic recorded it fine and she watched it back. Looked on their website and found this, dated 17/6/13, just yesterday, so it looks like a wide issue affecting the EX650, HX750 and HX850 models. then i tried unplugging my network cable and it looks like it's back to normal as it's stopped blinking. My tv is fine when watching TV / using hdmi, but whenever I view the guide on channel 99 (gem) or navigate to it, the tv freezes then restarts. A similar problem was experienced with the Euro models but was fixed early last year with a firmware upgrade.

Turned off and on, then red light blinking 8 times. I have unplugged power from wall and also unplugged the aerial for a few minutes. powered off for about 30 minutes, NO factory reset, has been up for about 5 minutes....fingers crossed, had a 55HX820 that was replaced with this one, was doing the same but never came back...maybe a W900A will be delivered I don't know about anybody else, but it seems to be working now. Check for latest Software Version through Network Connection or Reference Library b. What I want to know is what was being updated over the network and why did it only cause issue with a very select number of TVs (it was not even all Sony TVs only three models).

No reboot for 15mins or so, when before it was every 30 seconds. No factory reset, just unplugged it for a few mins, the problem carried on for a while, and now randomly fixed. While Pressing and holding Arrow Up, Press and Hold TV Power Button (on side of TV) and then Release Arrow Up c. Also how often do we get updates as this obviously happens without our knowledge.

This is made by a spatial multiplex that combines the left and right video sequences in one HD stream which is coded with H.264 as a single image.Left and right frames are sent alternately to the display and by diverse systems like shuttered glasses or polarized glasses are then shown to each eye.This involves that the real frame frequency halves the video frame frequency.Currently this system is being investigated, but the coding complexity and great bandwidth requirements make current broadcasting applications using Multiview Video Coding impractical, so a totally new compression scheme and capture techniques need to be investigated.For anyone else having problems with there Sony Tv's today I just had problems with my Sony KDL-46X850 set would turn on and then switch its self off after a few minutes then the red standby light flashing 8 times before trying to turn back on. At the time, I was watching a tv show through my WDTV Live box over HDMI.The advice on Sony's site is useless, i have tried this multiple times and it doesn't do a thing. We have lost all our settings but at least it's not turning itself off. Tried switching off at the mains for 5 mins but it's still happening. And is that the only way as I really don't want to have to set everything all up again! yeah but even then, wouldn't the TV be potentially be doing somethign with the free to air signal? However they will always be connected the the TV network no matter what, even if you are watching HDMI or playing PS3 or Xbox.


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