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"It was a month ago, and [recently] 'what's his name' wrote an article...

Until then, I wasn't getting any emails - I got a couple here and there but nothing major.

Regardless of what CCP's ruling is, that standard that they're employing should be applied fairly to all parties, and it's a bit strange to me that Erotica 1 is being targeted for real-life harassment as the basis for his being banned, but Ripard Teg's use of a blog to essentially force CCP into a position to be banned is not being addressed. "If Bonus Rounds were a problem, CCP should have let me know," he concluded.

I find that especially troubling given Ripard's position - being in a Skype channel with GMs [game moderators] and such." Aleks was asked if he would have targeted a specific player while a member of the CSM. "Instead, they accepted biased opinions as fact and made a decision based on poor perceptions of what the media might think. You just have to open yourselves up to the possibility of civil discussion and debate.

UPDATE: We've removed a claim that Ripard Teg refused to appear on the Eve Radio show, which he denies, as well as a quote attributed to him, which he says was part of a private conversation. A former CSM member called Aleks had a poignant comment to make on the Eve Radio show.

"I'm not a big fan of scamming or scammers," he began, "however I would defend to the death the right to do that in Eve Online. It's bad form for [CCP] to play favourites in this case, given the optics of it." Erotica 1 followed his Eve Radio appearance with a post on Reddit.

The chat will take place live on the Mighty Ape Facebook page on Thursday, 4th June, from 12.30pm until 1pm.To celebrate the release of the upcoming cookbook Everyday Delicious we have invited Master Chef winner Chelsea Winter to Mighty Ape for a live online chat.The chat will take place live on the Mighty Ape Facebook page on Tuesday, 14th October, from 6.30pm to 7pm.The victim, a character called Sohkar, did so because Erotica 1 had all of his in-game Eve Online assets held hostage.He handed those over because Erotica 1 had convinced him he could quadruple them if successful on the Bonus Round. Host Funkybacon heard how there were upwards of 100 Bonus Rounds recorded since it started a year ago, and how it was a kind of Punkd-style prank scam that people have profited from taking part in.This happened a month ago, but it became a controversy when influential Eve Online character Ripard Teg - a member of the player-elected Council of Stellar Management - wrote a strongly worded blog post about the incident, a week ago, which labelled Erotica 1 "a despicable, vile, evil human being". Read his post and listen to the recording of the Bonus Round and you'll likely agree CCP did the right thing. "It was never meant to be something to torture someone," said Kalorned, one of the characters involved, "it was meant to be something that was fun.


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