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I completely came back to reality and realized the terrible mistake I did. I started scolding myself about my impatience and started thinking “She had dressed well and it seems she is getting mentally prepared, but I’ve spoiled her mood by behaving in such a way.

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So me, Rajesh and Swathi were in hall, as soon as Harini left the hall Swathi and Vinod started staring each of them lustfully and just we three chat in general. Harini couldn’t hear this comment as kitchen is bit distant and not directly visible.I started feeling how much fear my act will bring with her.If I’m behaving like this at her home and while her husband is in hall, what she will think about me and my behavior in my home.As usual 20% of the boobs are popping out of on top of her dress, she carefully and softly applied rose powder with soft brushes to make it appear glamorous and did proper hair dressing and every inch of her face is appearing happy and excitement.I’ve also dressed well with my favorite T-Shirt and jeans and got ready to leave to Vinod’s home.I’m bit out of control and my started cock screwing me to go to kitchen and see Harini there. I gently asked excuse with Swathi and Vinod and said let me to go to kitchen and get some water. With heavy heart beat I progressed to kitchen to see Harini in bit of privacy/separately.


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