History on online dating

If you love surfing, for instance, you might like to look for a service whose members enjoy that too. Some of them are excellent and help sell the "product" while others don't do much more than take up space.Before you can get a "sale," you'll need to get people to discover you, show what you have to offer and convey they can trust you.General online dating sites, such as Match.com, cater to people who simply want to find someone to date.If you're more interested in making friends or starting a serious relationship, you'll do better joining a social networking site or a relationship site.The New Yorker reports that in 1965, Lewis Altfest, a 25-year-old accountant, and his friend Robert Ross, a computer programmer for IBM, then made their own version: Project TACT (Technical Automated Compatibility Testing) for young New Yorkers living on the Upper East Side.Clients paid and answered more than a hundred questions, such as whether women would prefer to "find their ideal man in a camp chopping wood, in a studio painting a canvas, or in a garage working a pillar drill." The answers were fed into an IBM 1400 Series computer, "which then spit out your matches, five blue cards, if you were a woman, or five pink ones, if you were a man." TACT eventually spread all over New York, but was well ahead of its time, given that it was suspect in a criminal investigation after the Kings County Board of Education noticed students filling out "questionable" dating surveys.Just as with regular ads, people may be moved by feelings, stories and emotions more than they are by simple words such as "I am funny and I love cats." If you don't have an excellent picture of yourself, don't post one until you do.Photos are often the first thing people see when they browse online personals, and you don't want others to pass you over because they can't see your face.

Relationships the scammers form can last for weeks and seem genuine.

The scam reaches a peak when the scam artist, citing an "emergency," asks their victims for money.

Venture Beat points out that some online dating services are now incorporating anti-scammer technology to reduce the number of scamming incidents.

You want to see what he/she really looks like." Before the camera snaps, psyche yourself up, think happy thoughts and most importantly, smile naturally. In fact, Katz advices removing photos from your dating profile if you're not smiling.

In a day when people can use search engines to find other pictures of you on the Web, it's important to show the world and potential dates a confident, positive image of you.


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