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I’m a fan of Yoke’s data-driven approach to matching, which utilizes the APIs of content recommendation engines, Facebook’s Graph API, and its own proprietary college and Facebook Page graphs.Those let it say “You both went to Ivy League schools” or “You Like Tech Crunch and she Likes Linked In”.You can take your S/O here and enjoy some vitamin D from the sun and take a dip into the pool or the hot tub.

Once your crush confirms with that friend that they want to meet you, your friend can send an introduction and kick off a message thread.It’s got a dead simple Facebook app interface, and lets you ask mutual friends for introductions.These all combine to give Yoke the power to challenge sites like Ok Cupid and succeed where strict matchmaking sites like Thread failed.Yoke does this by comparing you and their Facebook Likes and listening activity with datasets from Amazon, Netflix, Echo Nest, and a proprietary college graph.That lets Yoke show you potential dates because “you listen to Lil Wayne and she listens to Jay-Z”, or “You went to Stanford and he went to MIT”.Some people go to the DTR bench to define their relationship, others just go there to start a new one. It has a great view, and it is great for deep conversations or for deep thoughts.


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