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On the shore of Boolaboolka Lake, to the east, a group of whites shot a tribe and left the skeletons to bleach in the sun, suggesting their conviction that they would not be held answerable.

The first settler in and effective founder of Menindee was Tom Pain and his family who arrived in 1852, determined to establish a home and business on the river. With numerous additions it is still open and considered the second-oldest hotel still in continuous operation in NSW.

Lake Menindee, the largest, is 16 x 14 km in surface area.

The purpose of the scheme is the provision of regulated flows for water supply and irrigation.

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The Aborigines killed and ate white stock, attacked droving camps and stole station food and stores.

The trouble was serious enough to cause drovers to shun the area and landowners to abandon their properties, at least until 1853 when police were brought in to secure the area.

If you are approaching from Broken Hill it is 111 km south-east along a sealed road and, if your departure point is Wilcannia, it is 143 km south-west on a mostly unsealed road. The countryside is flat and arid and barely supports grazing, although Menindee itself is surrounded by citrus orchards and vegetable cultivation.

If desert and fruit-growing sound incompatible, then one has to remember that Menindee is also surrounded by some 20 lakes fed by the Darling River.


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