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You won’t be wowed, but you will be compelled to return again and again.

As with the games from whence Zodiarcs gets its influence, narrative is delivered through dialogue between fights and combat turns.

Your flanks and facing direction is also important to consider as enemies will always try to attack you from range or execute an attack from your back to avoid a counterattack.

Each character has their own unique set of cards in a customisable deck.

As your levels of proficiency with the game’s combat mechanics increases, you will very easily see when you need to trade off some damage to recover hit points or raise your defence, and so forth.

Alea iacta est; let the die be cast, and hope that Lady Luck is on your side.

Additionally, these cards will change as you gain higher levels to add further effects and bonuses, forcing you to adapt your strategy to trigger them.

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Alongside the cards are your dice which are, again, customisable and used to determine the effectiveness of the cards that you play.

Once you’ve built an arsenal of surplus dice you will be able to tweak them to synergise with your cards and their triggerable bonus effects.

This can get a little technical, but offers a great level of influence over the randomness to increase your odds per roll.

As previously mentioned, cards can have additional effects that are based on your dice rolls.

As an example, one of Nahmi’s first cards is “Blitz” that has an additional “Free Turn” effect that lets her execute one more action afterward should at least one Star icon face upward during the rolling phase.


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