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For more upscale events, I go with the white collared shirt with French Cuff……this gives me a nice opportunity to wear my cuff links. Underneath I wear the cotton t-shirt or tank/wife-beater. CASUAL SWING DANCE CLOTHING FOR MEN For the more casual look, I like to go with Bowling Shirts. HATS Over the last few years there seems to be a resurgence in wearing classically styled hats and most recently hat styles inspired by the 1950s early 60s.I’ve purchased a bunch of the regular white shirts from Walmart for .00. These are the short brimmed hats that you see all over the place. There are also other styles that are quite popular such as the Ivy style cap (think, classic British driving cap in tweed).I thought that I should rectify this omission by asking one of the biggest enthusiasts in men’s swing era clothing that I know; Deano Beano Cappucino himself, Mr. Dean: “Well Mandi, that’s a very interesting topic to discuss. I also try to go for a more classic look when I dress.I will write more on style than comfort…” DRESSY SWING DANCE CLOTHING FOR MEN On the high end of things, I’ve worn a tuxedo or tails to a few upscale swing events.

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