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She reminded Brian: "Maybe those three girls were just the wrong three girls." He asked: "Doesn't my body drive you wild with desire?"There was also the infamous threesome weekend drinking scene when the trio were slowly dancing together in the living room of Maximilian's palatial country estate.This very black comedy film from veteran director Edward Dmytryk was based upon Charles Perrault's classic French folktale first published in the late 1600s.The film's poster revealed the entire plot - and the many demises of Bluebeard's unfortunate wives: It told about the evil and sadistic Count Bluebeard - Baron von Sepper/Bluebeard (Richard Burton), a WWI biplane flying ace with a blue-colored beard.After her father Jack died in a mechanically-faulty crop-dusting plane crash, she fled on a railroad boxcar, thus acquiring her nickname, and joined up with labor union organizer "Big Bill" Shelly (David Carradine, Hershey's real-life lover at the time).

The film concluded with Bluebeard dead from gunshot, and Anne freed from the freezer vault.Besides, sex always screws up a friendship, anyway, if you let it. She suspected that he was gay, but eventually they became lovers.They began kissing, became romantic, and ended up making love in bed.Sally asked a disinterested, platonic Brian as she placed his hand on her breast: Sally: "Doesn't my body drive you wild with desire? She asked: "Why didn't you tell me in the first place?" They decided to continue to remain best friends, albeit platonic (Sally: "And friends are much harder to find than road film was set during the Depression-era 1930 in the South, and loosely adapted the autobiography of the real-life title character in anarchist Ben Reitman's 1937 book Sister of the Road: The Autobiography of Boxcar Bertha.


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