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We've integrated video and photo galleries more seamlessly into our articles so that you can view all elements of a story in one place.And we've also incorporated our special In-Depth sections into the app, which allow you to easily explore the latest updates and highlights from big, ongoing stories, like the Paris attacks, evolving technology and the annual entertainment awards shows.Always backup the device before beginning an i OS update, either to i Cloud or i Tunes is fine, but backing up is important, do not skip this step.The easiest way to update to i OS 9 for most users is through the Over-the-Air Software Update mechanism on the i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod touch itself.

We hope these improvements make it easier stay connected to the news and shows you love.

You can sit back and watch the live stream or view previously aired segments, or even explore a big story more deeply through related videos. Our new app has a dramatically different visual design as well.

We've made a number of changes that we hope will make it easier to use.

We've also added additional content to the app from our broadcast programs.

The latest episode of 60 Minutes and 48 Hours is now available every week.


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