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The Washington Post is out with the latest revelations from the Snowden leaks and it shows that the NSA relies on foreign telcos and "allied" intelligence agencies to scoop up data on email contact lists and instant messaging buddy lists to help build its giant database of connections.Remember a few weeks ago how it was reported that the NSA was basically building a secret shadow social network?The fact that the NSA can scoop up all this data overseas is just a bonus.

This, yet again, shows how ridiculous Keith Alexander's "collect it all" mantra is.

"The encryption of Signal (=Whats App, FB) was funded by the US Government.

I predict a backdoor will be found there within 5 years from now," Durov claimed.

The founder of chat app Telegram has publicly claimed that feds pressured the company to weaken its encryption or install a backdoor.

"During our team's 1-week visit to the US last year we had two attempts to bribe our devs by US agencies pressure on me from the FBI," Pavel Durov said on Twitter.


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