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Note 2: If you have the chance to visit in August we also suggest you try to visit at the time of one of the concerts put on as part of the 'Nits de Canço i de Musica' exhibition.

The Abbey of St Michel de Cuxa is nearby (south of Prades) and has a crypt and belltower dating to the 11th century and ruins of a 12th century cloister.

It is also said to be the village in France that gets more sun than any other - I'm not sure if other villages make the same claim but it does suggest it's a sunny spot (and it was when we visited)!

Eus is quite small and it is the part of the village towards the top the hill around the attractive medieval centre and below the church that you will find most interesting.

PHOTO GALLERY MAP & PLACES TO VISIT The village of Eus is situated about 40 kilometres west of Perpignan and 10 kilometres north-east of Villefranche-de-Conflent in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of southern France.

Even as you approach Eus but before you arrive you have one of the best views of the village, from the main road between Prades and Perpignan. Running down the slopes of a hill in the Pyreneean foothills, Eus is classified as one of the 'most beautiful villages of France'.

Begin your visit at the Church of Saint Vincent at the top of the hill.

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Behind the church there are still lots of ruins of the medieval chateau which you can clamber around.

These streets are very picturesque, and joined by ancient vaulted passageways.

The centre is made even more attractive by the masses of agaves, cacti and other mediterranean plants and also the mimosa trees that seem to be pushing up from every spare bit of land.

Historical note: in the 16th century the village of Eus was part of the Spanish territory and successfully defended itself against the French, but 200 years later it was back in French hands after successfully repelling the Spanish.

There is still a distinct Spanish influence in the town and many of the street names are Spanish rather than French.


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