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She gave birth to Philip, and while pregnant, drove quite the wedge between Kate and Victor, who was supposedly married to Kate.Not to be, because Victor was married to Vivian, who had tricked him.Vivian then sent Kate on a plane and sabotaged it, causing it to crash somewhere over the ocean. Victor had a heart attack and was placed in a nursing home.Kate was assumed dead, leaving Victor with a new son and no wife. Kate had hired Franco to break up Bo and Hope, so Billie could be happy with Bo.Kate arrived back about a year later, and Vivian wasn't very happy. Vivian was kicked out of the Kiriakis mansion after her machinations came to light. Sami started blackmailing Kate with her past as a prostitute. Kate also knew Franco was involved with the mob, and held it over his head.

Kate was devastated for Philip when Shawn and Belle grabbed Claire and fled, and was determined to help him get her back, although uncomfortable with the growing level of violence Philip became exhibiting. Philip became a suspect in the disappearance of Paul Hollingsworth, a corrupt customs official who had been working both sides of the Di Mera/Kiriakis turf war, and Kate was adamant about keeping Philip safe.She threw herself into her work (and destroying Sami), and the closer Sami and Lucas got, the more convinced Kate was that her only hope for happiness lay with Philip, and she began 'encouraging' him to spend more time with Belle. In exchange for sleeping with him, Stefano gave Kate enough money to start her own business.When Lucas and Sami got engaged, it took everything Kate had not to lose it. into the FTC for their questionable financial records. Kate started "Kate's Hearth and Home", a Martha Stewart-like brand of housewares.Kate Winograd (name used when she first came to Salem) Kate Kiriakis (they weren't married but she used the name) Kate Brown (married name) Katherine Elizabeth Roberts (full name) Kate Di Mera (married name) Co-CEO of Basic Black (September 2015 - present) Former CEO of Mad World Cosmetics (April 2015 - September 2015) Former co-CEO of Di Mera Enterprises (December 2014 - March 2015) Former CEO of Di Mera Enterprises (October 2014 - December 2014) Former co-CEO of Di Mera Enterprises (July 2014 - October 2014) Former co-CEO of Mad World Cosmetics (April 2012 - July 2014) Former co-CEO of Countess Wilhemina Cosmetics (September 2011 - April 2012) Former owner of Kate's Hearth and Home (2009- April 2012) Former co-owner of Mythic Communications Former executive for Basic Black Former waitress at the Road House Cafe Former president of Titan Publishing Former editor-in-chief of Bella Magazine Former editor/owner of the Spectator Former prostitute Former waitress Austin Reed (son; with Curtis) Billie Reed (daughter; with Curtis) Lucas Roberts (son; presumably with Bill Horton) Philip Kiriakis (son; with Victor; carried by Vivian) Rex Brady (son; with Roman; carried by Marlena) Cassie Brady (daughter; with Roman; carried by Marlena) Chelsea Brady (granddaughter; via Billie) Will Horton (grandson; via Lucas; deceased) Alice Caroline Horton (granddaughter; via Lucas) Tyler Kiriakis (grandson; via Philip) Arianna Grace Horton (great granddaughter; via Will) Clyde Weston (dated/lovers) Rafe Hernandez (lovers) Ian Mc Callister (lovers) Daniel Jonas (lovers) Stefano Di Mera (lovers; engaged) E. Di Mera (lovers) Roman Brady (lovers; engaged) John Black (lovers; engaged) Victor Kiriakis (lovers; engaged) Vincent Moroni (deceased) Nicholas Alamain Bill Horton (affair; one son) Martino Vitali (while a prostitute) Prostitution Bigamy (married Victor while still wed to Curtis) Conspiracy to commit murder Covered up Lucas' role in Franco's death Drugged Sami and tried to kill her Along with Vincent Moroni, hired hit men to kill Victor, which resulted in the death of Brandon Walker's wife Angela, Moroni's daughter (and led to Moroni's suicide) Tried to kill Victor with a poker Almost killed her son Lucas when she set the mansion on fire Forged a codicil in Victor's will to give her everything Attempted to blackmail Victor into giving her money Drugged Brandon and Sami to destroy Lucas and Sami's wedding Attempted to change hospital records to make it look like Philip was Claire's father Bribed Nick into changing the paternity tests to make it look like E. was the father of Sami's twins Destroyed tape recording evidence that incriminated Philip in Paul Hollingsworth's disappearance (July 2008) Attempted to kill Chloe (by poisoning her) and frame Daniel for the crime (August 2009) Held Daniel hostage at the Valentine Motel (September 2009) Broke into Madeline Wood's safe deposit box.(June 2010) Hired Quinn Hudson to blackmail Chloe into prostitution (May 2011- not shown on screen) Corporate Espionage- hired Sami from Mad World and ordered her to share secrets from her old job(January 2012) Adultery- Slept with Ian while married to Stefano (April 2012) Dragged and threw Nick into the river (November 2013) Fraud - produced a fake letter from Stefano to the Di Mera Enterprises board that stated Sami should be CEO (July 2014) Lied to the police that Stefano threatened to kill her Kate was introduced with her son Lucas. Lucas pursued the identity of his father, much to her dismay.He revealed himself to her the night she set the house on fire and attempted to murder him with a poker.


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