Charlise theron stuart townsend dating

(Also: Madonna, Wright, Theron—all smart, tough blondes.

He clearly has a type.)When I ask about Penn, Theron pushes back.

Oh, you treat me so badly, but maybe that will change in five years when I have your children! “That just doesn’t exist anymore.”As the sun turns to a brilliant orange sliver, Theron stops for a moment to take it in. As we sit at our table at the railing on the second floor, perched above the water, the scene unfolds below: torches aflame, couples standing at the water’s edge, drinks in hand, and a gaggle of children running on the beach, and suddenly she’s digging through her bag for her cell. But it’s the shyness that I love because it’s kind of a pensive quality—he susses out the situation, and then he’ll step in and join the group.”Theron has always known that she wanted to adopt.

Theron is staying in the biggest house at the resort with Jackson; her publicist, Amanda; her assistant, Elizabeth; and her friend the costume designer Cindy Evans. Her mother recently showed Charlize a letter she wrote when she was eight.

“I just wanted to tell you guys that if you want to come for a nightcap—and by that I mean a sundowner after your dinner, because could we all be eating any earlier, like old people? “What I want for Christmas this year is for you to take me to the orphanage so that we can adopt a brother or a sister,” it read. “Maybe it was just an awareness of the fact that at that time, orphanages were everywhere in South Africa.

—there’s a lot of kids playing on the beach,” she says into the phone. But even in my relationship with Stuart, that was something I was very clear about.

We are in the Florida Keys, staying just a quick walk away at an elegant resort in Islamorada that was once a coconut plantation.Mac Farlane has built the jokes around the story of a budding romance between his character, Albert, an ambivalent denizen of a one-saloon outpost, and Theron’s mysterious-but-beautiful new-lady-in-town, Anna.“Their relationship,” says Mac Farlane, “was really key to getting away with this kind of movie, and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner.When our waiter, Mario, comes by to take our order and we both want exactly the same thing—a screwdriver and a strip steak—the absurdity tees up Theron for the perfect drive straight down the middle of the fairway.“Jesus—we’re like an old married couple,” she says to me. “I mean, I really do understand the importance and what that ceremony represents to so many people, but it’s just such a personal thing.And then they get into more of a schedule and you start to think, Wow, wait a second. And going about dating in your late 30s is such a different ball game. And the simple answer to that is: Unless he can make my life better?


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