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Keep in mind Amcrest Pro HD Outdoor acts as a stationary camera, which means you’ll have a fixed 100-degree field of view, so if you’re looking for something with any range of motion, this is not it. That said, Amcrest Pro HD Outdoor offers excellent picture quality and long-range night vision, which makes it an excellent choice for outdoor surveillance for properties of any size.The YI Home Camera 2 wins best night vision camera because it boasts 11 infrared LEDs that can stretch up to 30 feet into the dark to capture and recreate images in low-light and no-light environments.Don’t settle for anything less than 720p HD, but if you can find a camera with 1080p, you’ll be able to zoom in farther and uncover more descriptive details like facial features or license plate numbers.Field of view refers to how wide of an angle the camera can see without moving.But first, let’s dive into some things you should look for when considering a home security camera.Although security cameras come in many varieties, they share some important features you should look for when choosing the right camera for you: Higher resolution means you’ll get a better overall picture.

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We highly recommend installing a monitored security system in your home to ensure that you have someone to assist you and alert the authorities on your behalf if there’s a break-in or other type of emergency.Look for a camera with long night vision range (30 feet indoors and 60 feet outdoors) and multiple infrared (IR) LED sensors.The more IR sensors a camera has, the better it can reconstruct low-light images into clear video footage.Not all security cameras need to capture sound, but the ability to communicate from your smartphone to your camera with a two-way voice feature can prove useful with nanny cams and doorbell cameras.A camera that can connect to your home Wi-Fi network adds an extra layer of protection because an intruder can’t simply cut the wire and interrupt your video feed.It has 1296p HD resolution, whereas most competitors max out at 1080p.


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